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I need a working debian CD image, yesterday :)


a customer just called and said he wanted to try out Debian. Beeing a
Debian user, and developer myself, ofcourse I encouraged him to do so.
Then came the problem, how do I get a CD for him to try? After some
digging I found the binary-i386.raw (and binary-i386-cdboot.raw)
images on http://www.uk.debian.org/debian-cd/. After having burned
these down to a CD I tried them out. Unfortunately none of them
booted, but thats okay. I can always write down a disc for him to boot

First problem is that there are two base2_0.tgz packages on the CD, I
would really prefer to have only one so he doesn't have to choose more
then necessarilly. Second problem is that when the packages is
installed theres a _LOT_ of dependency problems. The system works kind
of okay I guess, but it sure doesn't look good.

So anyone, please help me out here. I want something that I can give
him so that he'll see what a nice and warm distribution Debian is. The
alternative for him is Red Hat, but I'd rather he choosed Debian since
that would make atleast my life alot simpler :-)

Please get back to me, ASAP.

  Jonas Öberg, CIXIT AB                       URL: http://www.cixit.se
  Network Technician                        Phone: +46-708-157635

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