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Re: Uploaded gimp-manual 1.0.0-1 (source all) to master

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Lawrence <quango@ix.netcom.com> writes:

    Chris> I thought the determination last time this came up was that
    Chris> there was no exception to DFSG-freeness for main and
    Chris> contrib.  Or at least that was the impression I was given
    Chris> last time (and the guidelines don't say a word about
    Chris> documentation either way--intentionally or not, who knows).

I think documentation has an exception to the rule; otherwise,
the perl packages would have to go in non-free.

About 90% of all the docs we have either:

A) don't have a license, or,
B) prohibit modification without permission.

    Chris> I guess we just need to clarify this (either way) and stick
    Chris> the clarification in the guidelines.

I do agree we need something on the order of the DFSG for

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