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Intent to create a much nice WWW package viewer

Hi there,

Remember Me.

Well this time I actually plan on doing something.  I plan on making a
very very nice WWW interface for retrieving random packages (something I
do all the time).

Here is my game plan

1) Import all the package file in (bo, hamm, slink, project, Incoming)
into a SQL database.  I am using an SQL database to greatly eaze things
in the long one and to make it very eazy to create powerful searching
faculties as well as being able to view package information in any
number of formats.

2) Create the web interface for just looking at the packages and just
downloading that packages

3) Work on being able to select more than one package at a time and work
on a way to display all dependices (not just the ones directly related).

4) Here comes the big one.  Work on a way of finding out the setup of
your debian configuration and work out any conflicts/dependencies.

I plan on doing this by having a perl script that communcates to the www
server at the
same time you are browsing the packages.  It will use the host name as
the id.  The script will need to be started just before you go to the
www debian package sites.  It will then
communicate with the cgi scripts as you are browsing.

For example:
  deb-www-syn www.debian.org
  netscape http://www.debian.org/packages
Netscape comes up.  The server discovers that the deb-www-syn script is
running at that smae host and connects with it.
You then select some packages your interested in.
The server queries the script for packages already installed.
Netscape shows the list of packages to be installed for you to verify.
The server instructs the script to download and install the reqested
Netscape informs you that the download is taking place.
The script then downloads and installes the packages.
The trickiest pact of this would be synconising the two connections. The
script will talk through http and cgi scripts so there would be special
software needed on the server side.

So what do you think of the idea.  It kind of like apt-get but it better
handles getting random files form different distributions and even
handles stuff in incoming. I guess it could be called WWW Deity.

I would like to do this on a host that has the complete debian
distrubation as well as the incoming directory available right there so
that I can give the view the option of examing the package file (for
copyright info, etc) before installing.

Unless I get an account on one of those machines I plan on doing the
work at http://sunsite.unc.edu/kevina/debian/ using MySQL as I already
have an account on sunsite and they have a mirror of the debian
distribution (although hamm contains a symbolic link to itself)

Cgi programming and organizing information is one of my strong points. 
Go to
http://sunsite.unc.edu/kevina/ to look at some of the work I have done.  

Thanks again,

And please be nice.

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