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Kaffe, Kore and Japhar

Hi all,

A long time ago (over a year ago), I told the list and Vincent
Renardias that I'd pick up the kaffe package, with the intent of
trying to make it work with the "kore" class libraries so we could
have something of a free Java implementation in main.

Unfortunately, I never got it together and put together a package for
it.  Since then, Tim Wilkinson (the author of Kaffe) has started
TransVirtual, and is developing his own set of class libraries.  I
haven't been following the news about kaffe lately, so I'm not sure
what the status of that is.  Ean Schuessler is more on top of the
kaffe situation than I have been.

When Japhar came out, I also volunteered to take that over (again,
with the hopes of combining it with kore).  Again, I never got it
together and there is no Debian package.

I really haven't done anything with Java in the past year, and I
probably won't touch it in the near future, so I've come to the
conclusion that I'm probably not the right guy to do these rather time
consuming packages.

So I'm offering them up for adoption again (even though I never put
them out).

Sorry about delaying things this long.  I'm a bit embarrassed that I'm
so busy that I had to do this.  :-(


 - Jim

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