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Radius Questions


I work for a local isp, and am one of the sysadmins.
We use merrit radius, and want to switch over to cistron.  Even though
neither of these are part of debian, we are using debian systems :)
I realize that this has nothing to do with debian-devel, but I thought that
since this is a bit of a more advanced topic, I might find more help there
(this is kind of urgent).  Please do not cc replies to debian-devel.


1. We have a group of users that want a 'clean' internet connection.  What
   this means is that they go through a proxy which filters out bad web
   pages.  What we want is for these users to go through a different gateway
   than everyone else (that way they have to use the proxy, or they cant
   look at any web pages).  Is there a way to do this with pppd and radius?

2. We have another group of users that are allowed to login only during
   certain times of the day, and a group that has email-only accounts (and
   they cant login at all).  Both of these have their own group in
   /etc/groups.  Can this be setup with cistron radius without changing the

3. Today I was trying to get portslave (the cistron radius client) to act like a
   getty.  We use cyclades boards for this.  No matter what I did, it just
   wouldnt work.  Portslave would run from init, it would initialize the
   modem, and just sit there waiting for OK.  If I tell it not to wait for
   the OK (the modem does send it btw),  then it gets past that part, and
   waits for a RING, but it never gets that either, and therefore never sends
   the ATA.  It looks like it can send data to the modem, but not receive. 
   I know that the init string gets sent to the modem because if for example I
   enable auto answer in the init string, the modem auto answers.  
   Any ideas on what could cause this?  We really like the portslave client
   because of features like pap, and countless others, but its useless if it
   doesnt work..  I was able to get it to work with our port servers which
   just telnet into the linux box, telnetd then just uses portslave as its
   login program, but it just doesnt want to work with the modems.  I started 
   thinking that maybe there is something wrong with the version of portslave 
   I have (portslave-1.16.tar.gz).  Any ideas?

PS. We have the cistron radius server ( working perfectly with our 
    old client.  (except for the email only accounts and the such..)

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