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Re: [rms@santafe.edu: Hurd packager]

I've created the mailing list debian-hurd@kato.legislate.com, and have
created a (rather bare) web site for its archive:

I've subscribed gord (and myself) to the list. If anyone wants to
subscribe, send email to debian-hurd-subscribe@kato.legislate.com
(you can also retrieve copies of past messages by mail -- you'll get
instructions when you subscribe).

I'll be happy to move the list (and its archive) over to debian's
primary list server, if that's later deemed the right thing.

For now, there's one real big issue to tackle: what needs to happen?

Is this like a port to a new architecture?
Is this like a new kernel package?
Are we trying to create new boot disks?
Something else?


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