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Re: LyX: just about the only word processor in debian

vanco@sonic.net writes:

> I am just, out of my inherent curiosity, curious whether LyX still exists
> in the hamm distribution.
> 	This was the only available word processor that came with Debian.
> I know that it is technically a "pain in the <CENSORED FOR YOUR SANITY>",
> and that anyone who can type > 50WPM can benefit greatly by learning the
> markup (so as to type LaTEX docs by hand), yet I believe it's important.
> 	My package database lists LyX in the "obsolete" category - IMO
> this is a shame. If it has disappeared from debian, I believe something
> *needs* to come up soon to replace it.

lyx is in contrib/text, you probably forgot it include contrib in your
list of package sources.  The two biggest problems with Lyx are that
the widget set is non-free and that the widget set is ugly.  (And,
more specifically, the menus don't behave right.)

I have the patches to get AUIS 8.0 to compile with egcs.  (Patches
from USENET plus a couple of my own to fill in the blanks.)

I can also package the default Thot editor.  (Thot could be used to
build an editor for a specific SGML DTD, but that would be a bit of

I currently have Amaya packaged, a HTML editor/browser based on the
Thot toolkit.  IMHO, it is more usable than the Netscape (you actually
can control the structure of your document).

Both of these are BSD style licenses, although Thot is a little flaky
with Lesstif.  (Lesstif text widgets need work.)


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