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Re: About the Hamm Freeze (!)

Dear all,

I'm a little late with this, unfortunately, but here goes anyway ...

Martin Schulze <joey@carelia.infodrom.north.de> writes:

> I was told that dselect has problems with hamm being distributed on
> more than one cd rom.  Ian Jackson suggested that we should take a
> look at dpkg-mountable.  This means that a) dpkg-mountable might need
> to be included in the boot floppies and b) we'll need at least one another
> set of boot floppies - or someone invents a different method for this.

Erk. dpkg-mountable has at least one problem which might cause problems: it
currently doesn't support predependencies. If the autoup.sh script takes care
of all predependencies, that's fine; otherwise, people are going to have to
export DPKG_MOUNTABLE_PREDEP_SUPPORT=yes before their first upgrade.

The only reason for this is that I wanted to get the other bugfixes into Hamm
but I didn't have time to test it well enough. If it is necessary, it'd be
good if people could test running with this and let me know if it works or not
(I'm fairly sure, based on later experiments, that it will), and if there's
time I'll upload a version with predepends support enabled by default.

Happily, this is already copied to the release manager, whose decision it
should probably be what happens here; I just think it's fairly important to
get a decent first install.

> This is based on the idea that only packages up to a certain priority
> are included on the first cdrom and lower priorities are distributed
> through the second one.

(I also have another change which installs packages in order of priority,
which is in my local tree, but unfortunately I coded too long after freeze for
it to make it in. If people want it I'm happy to upload this too, though.)



Andy Mortimer, andy.mortimer@poboxes.com
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