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Why I like debian

What makes debian the best?  Some say it is because we
have the most packages.  Some say it is because we are
the most technically knowledgeable.  Some say it is
because are releases are extremely stable.  And yet
others will say it is because out packages are entirely
free.  Well, I agree with all those people.  I like to
look at the bigger picture however.

Debian is great, not for what we have, but for who we
are.  Other distributions might have lots of people
behind them, as does Debian.  But only Debian allows
for any person in the world to become a 'developer,'
and even to become the project leader.

If someone thinks something should be done differently,
then they are encouraged to 'put their foot where their
mouth is.'  They can become a Debian developer(at no
cost), and improve the system.

Because of everyone who has joined Debian over the years,
we have become a 'melting pot' of ideas.  We have many
varied people, from all walks of life, that all
contribute to the better whole.  Everyone does it out
of the goodness of his/her heart, understanding that
others are doing the same for them.  So everyone benefits
from others work, and everyone is happy.

We have uniformity from our diversity.  With our many
different views, we get to see several different ways to
implement solutions.  All our developers are given a
chance to voice the opinions, and generally the best
method is chosen to solve a problem.  If, for some
reason, that method turns out not to be the best, then
we will come up with the best way to change to a new
method, without losing any system integrity.  Because
all developers agree to follow the Debian Policy
Guidelines, we can offer a quality, competent
operating system to the computing community.

Adam Heath	adam.heath@usa.net

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