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Re: Bug#22942: Advice for release critical bug (WAS: Bug#22942: libpaper depends on libpaperg)

Marco Pistore <pistore@DI.Unipi.IT> writes:
> Now, in hamm the binaries are only in libpaperg, since they are linked
> against libc6 libraries; package libpaper in hamm contains only the
> libraries. 

So, the original cause of the problem is that the binaries were in the library
package. The policy specifically prohibits that precisely because of these
problems. And you're proposing the libc6 versions keep doing the same thing
that caused the problem in the first place.

What I would suggest would be:

libpaper:       libc5 libraries only 
libpaperg:      libc6 libraries only 
libpaper-utils: both binaries, depends on libpaper|libpaperg
                with wrapper scripts to choose the right ones somehow

This will at least avoid the problem in the future, as another version of the
library can be installed simultaneously without conflicting with the existing


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