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Re: Bug#22942: Advice for release critical bug (WAS: Bug#22942: libpaper depends on libpaperg)

On 5 Jun 1998, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> Hi,
> 	I think I'm failing to follow something basic here. Does paperconf
>  depend on the libc6 shared libraries? If so, there is no way one
>  could use the binaries without loading libpaperg, right? 
> 	Secondly, Hamm is supoposed to be libc6. 


sorry for the delay in the answer: my machine went down during the
week-end and i spent a lot of time to recover (and to re-subscribe to the
mailing lists...)

The problem is that, in bo, the package libpaper contained both
the libraries and the binaries. There are bo packages that depend
on libpaper and that use the libraries (this is the case, for instance, of
gs) and other packages that depend on libpaper and use the binaries (this
is the case, for instance, of debiandoc-sgml).

Now, in hamm the binaries are only in libpaperg, since they are linked
against libc6 libraries; package libpaper in hamm contains only the

So, if an user replaces the bo libpaper package with the hamm libpaper
package, package debiandoc-sgml stops to work, but their dependencies
are satisfied (this can be solved, of course, by installing the hamm
version of debiandoc-sgml).

To avoid this, i have to assure that, when the hamm libpaper package is
installed, also libpaperg is installed, so that the binaries are present
on the system. This is why i hadded Depends: libpaperg in libpaper.

> >>"Marco" == Marco Pistore <pistore@DI.Unipi.IT> writes:
>  Marco> The problem is that libpaper does not provide just the
>  Marco> library, but also a pair of executables (paperconf and
>  Marco> paperconfig). A package that depends on libpaper can use both
>  Marco> the library and the executables.
> 	libpaper contains this, or libpaperg? 

libpaper in bo, libpaperg in hamm...

>  Marco> When i had to provide both the libc5 and the libc6 version of the
>  Marco> package, i decided to put the binaries only in the libc6 (i.e.,
>  Marco> libpaperg). The libc5 package (libpaper) should however depend on the
>  Marco> libc6 package, to assure that the packages depending on libpaper can use
>  Marco> the executables.[1]
> 	Which library do the executable depend on? I think this is
>  about time we reduced continuing support for libc5 in Hamm,
>  especially when a libc6 replacement is available. 

The executables depend only on libc6 libraries.

>  Marco> SOLUTION 3
>  Marco> ----------
>  Marco> Well, we can also decide that to leave the situation as it is. In this
>  Marco> way, however, users would not be able to install the new version of the
>  Marco> library without also installing libpaperg (and libc6...)
> 	The objection, for hamm, seems ridiculous to me. I mean, is
>  libc6 not a release goal for Hamm? We are strenuously trying to save
>  people from a release goal? What am I missing?
> 	BTW, I think Solution 3 is not really a solution.
> 	I think we should just get rid of libpaper. On my machine, no
>  package actually depends on libpaper anyway; they all depend
>  on libpaperg. libpaperg should just replace and conflict with
>  libpaper, and no libpaper be provided in Hamm.

In this way, it would not be possible to use some of the bo packages on
hamm (more in general, hamm is supposed to provide also the libc5 version
of the libraries, if they were already present in bo).
So, i cannot simply get rid of libpaper.

Another possible solution could be to make libpaper conflict with all the
bo packages that use the binaries (there are only a pair of them). In this
way, for instance, an user that installs the hamm verison of libpaper, is
obliged to update also debiandoc-sgml... 

Thanks for your comments,


> 	What am I missing?
> 	manoj

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