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Volunteer(s) wanted to help with owner@bugs.debian.org

I'd like to offload some of the admin stuff for the bug system.

I don't know how Guy (the other admin of the bug system) feels, but
I'd like to reduce the amount of time I spend running the bug system.

So, I'd like one or two volunteers to take over some or all of the
following tasks:

1. Reading and responding to owner@bugs.debian.org mail.  Usually this
is routine, and just means you have to mail people saying `you sent
this to owner@bugs when owner@bugs was not the right place'.  Many
messages are followups of various kinds to bug reports, and there are
occasional messages with instructions for control@bugs sent there
too.  This is not a technically skilled job, but some familiarity with
the Debian Project's organisation would be necessary.

2. Actual administration and maintenance of the bug system.  This does
not need to include software development - I'm still the upstream
maintainer of the bug system.  However, it does include sorting out
the occasional mess caused by difficulties with master, etc. (this is
almost always reported by cron mail to owner@bugs), and installing new
versions as they become available - and perhaps making minor changes
and feeding them back upstream to me.  This person needs to be
reasonably competent, but doesn't have to be a deep perl4/perl5
wizard.  I might need to write up a brief description of how the bug
system works internally if they can't figure it out.  This person
needs to read most owner@bugs mail, but if they're not the person
doing 1. then they don't need to do anything about it.

3. Obviously additional development of the bug system would be good.
This can be done either by the person doing 2., or independently.
In any case the patches generated need to be sent upstream to me.
Current tasks include:
  * Indices of bugs by submitter.
  * Implement `interested list' for each bug.
  * Given `interested list', a way to submit a bug that puts you on
    the interested list, so that you get notified of any status change
    and not just closure.
The person who does this needs to be very familiar with perl4, perl5
and also be a reasonable m4 programmer.  If they plan to modify the
mail-handling system substantially they need to be very experienced
with writing email-handling bots.


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