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Re: Bug#22942: Advice for release critical bug (WAS: Bug#22942: libpaper depends on libpaperg)


	I think I'm failing to follow something basic here. Does paperconf
 depend on the libc6 shared libraries? If so, there is no way one
 could use the binaries without loading libpaperg, right? 

	Secondly, Hamm is supoposed to be libc6. 

>>"Marco" == Marco Pistore <pistore@DI.Unipi.IT> writes:

 Marco> The problem is that libpaper does not provide just the
 Marco> library, but also a pair of executables (paperconf and
 Marco> paperconfig). A package that depends on libpaper can use both
 Marco> the library and the executables.

	libpaper contains this, or libpaperg? 

 Marco> When i had to provide both the libc5 and the libc6 version of the
 Marco> package, i decided to put the binaries only in the libc6 (i.e.,
 Marco> libpaperg). The libc5 package (libpaper) should however depend on the
 Marco> libc6 package, to assure that the packages depending on libpaper can use
 Marco> the executables.[1]

	Which library do the executable depend on? I think this is
 about time we reduced continuing support for libc5 in Hamm,
 especially when a libc6 replacement is available. 

 Marco> The possible solutions are:

 Marco> SOLUTION 1 (Suggested by Wichert)
 Marco> ---------------------------------
 Marco> Create the packages:
 Marco>    libpaper      - the old libc5 library. May suggest libpaper-bin.
 Marco>    libpaperg     - the new libc6 library. May suggest libpaper-bin.
 Marco>    libpaper-bin  - the binaries&manpages. Depend on libpaperg

 Marco> Here the problems are that we do not guarantee, by installing libpaper,
 Marco> that the executables are present in the system. OTOH, by making
 Marco> libpaper depend on libpaper-bin, the installation of libpaper would also
 Marco> force the installation of libpaperg, which is what we wanted to avoid.

	Why do we want to avoid this?  Hamm is libc6 all the way. I
 think asking people to have libc6 libraries is reasonable (I would be
 considering ways to get rid of the libc5 libraries, really).

	What packages depend on libpaper and not on libpaperg? Why are
 they in Hamm? 

 Marco> SOLUTION 2

	I fail to see the need for libpaper.

 Marco> SOLUTION 3
 Marco> ----------
 Marco> Well, we can also decide that to leave the situation as it is. In this
 Marco> way, however, users would not be able to install the new version of the
 Marco> library without also installing libpaperg (and libc6...)

	The objection, for hamm, seems ridiculous to me. I mean, is
 libc6 not a release goal for Hamm? We are strenuously trying to save
 people from a release goal? What am I missing?

	BTW, I think Solution 3 is not really a solution.

	I think we should just get rid of libpaper. On my machine, no
 package actually depends on libpaper anyway; they all depend
 on libpaperg. libpaperg should just replace and conflict with
 libpaper, and no libpaper be provided in Hamm.

	What am I missing?


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