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Re: Xinetd bug #20705

On Tue, Jun 09, 1998 at 03:55:58PM +0200, Mirek Kwasniak wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 08, 1998 at 02:56:44PM -0400, Norbert Veber wrote:
> > The bug report pretty much says:
> > xinetd: samba 1.9.18p3-1 don't work from xinetd (from inetd is ok)
> > 
> > What I need is to know if this is a real bug or just a user configuration
> > problem.  I personally do not have/use samba, but I know of at least 2
> > people that use it successfully with xinetd.  If someone else could
> > confirm this bug, then I will forward it to the upstream maintainer,
> > otherwise I will close it..
> I've submitted this bug. I have two debian boxes: my workstation (hamm)
> and my server (bo). This bug come with samba 1.9.18 (with 1.9.17 I hadn't
> this problem). I tried nmbd standalone and from inetd - it simply runs.
> Then I filled a bug report against xinetd.
> Hurray, hurray !
> I find today a solution, you need add " flag=REUSE" for nmbd (service
> netbios-ns) section in xinetd.conf. nmbd is started from xinetd and I see
> that it runs.
> Add this to docs and close this bug :)
> Mirek

yay! :)

Thanks alot!
I think I will install samba though, and try it for myself just to make
absoulutely sure that this works.  I am not questioning you, I just want to
make absolutely sure that THIS change is what is needed to make it work.

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