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Re: Weeding out slink bug reports from hamm release-critical list

Dennis L. Clark wrote:
> Can anyone think of an automated way to weed out bug reports on versions
> which haven't been released into hamm from the release-critical list? A
> quick fix would be to modify the priority of the bug report, but that
> would be The Wrong Thing.

Automating this would be wrong, I think.  The "Version" header in the
bug report says what version the bug was found in, not necessarily
what version first had the bug.

What can be automated is excluding the bug from the list of bugs to
fix for hamm, once it's been identified.  I know that Brian has such
an exclusion list, and I added one for my list today.

However, I just realized that I could use Brian's exclusion list 
directly, if he keeps it on master.  Brian?

This does not fix it on the Bug webpages, but I don't think that
focusing on the release is the job of the Bug pages anyway.

Thanks for the information, by the way :)

Richard Braakman

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