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Re: Weeding out slink bug reports from hamm release-critical list

> > Can anyone think of an automated way to weed out bug reports on versions
> > which haven't been released into hamm from the release-critical list? A
> > quick fix would be to modify the priority of the bug report, but that
> > would be The Wrong Thing.
> Automating this would be wrong, I think.  The "Version" header in the
> bug report says what version the bug was found in, not necessarily
> what version first had the bug.
> What can be automated is excluding the bug from the list of bugs to
> fix for hamm, once it's been identified.  I know that Brian has such
> an exclusion list, and I added one for my list today.

I support such a list but as of yet noone has requested to be on it.  My
list is empty.

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