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Base Set: Suggested additions & removals.

 I would like to have `mc' and the two packages it depends on placed
 into the base set.  We could then get rid of both `elvis-tiny' and
 `ae', and be left with a powerful tool that is easy for beginners and
 experienced folks alike.  There ought to be room for it; the total
 size of `mc', `gpm', and `libgpmg1' is 379K + 98K + 14K = 491K.
 `elvis-tiny' is 82K, and `ae' is 82K also.  491K - 164K = 327K.  The
 fifth base disk is not full, so it ought to fit in the same number of
 install disks.

 `mc', the Midnight Commander, has a very nice editor built in now.
 It should be set up to use its internal editor by default, for our

 Midnight Commander is *so much nicer* than the so-called
 "traditional" `vi' editor and a command line.  Linux is an evolution
 over "traditional" Unix, right?  Let's make it so.

 `mc' will let you look inside of and install `.deb' files also.

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