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Re: Base Set: Suggested additions & removals.

karlheg@inetarena.com (Karl M. Hegbloom) writes:

>  I would like to have `mc' and the two packages it depends on placed
>  into the base set.  We could then get rid of both `elvis-tiny' and
>  `ae', and be left with a powerful tool that is easy for beginners and
>  experienced folks alike.  
I was thinking about this myself before, but never dared to propose
this kind of user friendly improvement because i'm already well aware
of what the reactions by our hard core Unix wizards would be.  Judging
from the reactions a read so far i was definitely right. ;-)

>  There ought to be room for it; the total
>  size of `mc', `gpm', and `libgpmg1' is 379K + 98K + 14K = 491K.
>  `elvis-tiny' is 82K, and `ae' is 82K also.  491K - 164K = 327K.  The
>  fifth base disk is not full, so it ought to fit in the same number of
>  install disks.
One could easily get rid of this silly mouse support.  If it weren't
for some complaints of users i wouldn't even bother compiling it in.
I wonder though what MC would be behaving like if there wouldn't be
the 'bash' around.  It isn't on the rescue disk.  Is 'ash' really
bourne shell compatible?

>  `mc', the Midnight Commander, has a very nice editor built in now.
>  It should be set up to use its internal editor by default, for our
>  purposes.
This is a very good idea IMHO.  I just hate this braindead 'ae' and
always wished to find a suitable replacement for it.  But i really
wouldn't mind if i could use at least some powerful 'vi' incarnation
instead of this terrible low level 'ae'.  MC's internal editor is BTW
so much more powerful than 'ae' that it would be far more suitable for
replacing 'vi' on the base disks.  Above all it is far easier to use
because it does explain itself quite well.  The latter being a feature
longed for by lots of beginners and advanced users alike.
>  Midnight Commander is *so much nicer* than the so-called
>  "traditional" `vi' editor and a command line.  
Aw, come on, 'vi' and 'bash' just can't be beaten. ;-) I really wish
i'd had a shell like 'bash' on the Debian install/rescue disks and a
true 'vi'-like editor.

> Linux is an evolution
>  over "traditional" Unix, right?  Let's make it so.
That was my reasoning as well.  Why make it hard for those who don't
like the traditional way?  I sincerely believe that MC is a great
improvement in regards of being a fine sysadmin frontend.  Sure, there
is on the other hand the disadvantage that people learning sysadmin
tasks the comfortable way via MC will possibly never bother learn how
to get around without it, but...

Anyway, i have compiled my very private MC version which works
flawlessly in single user mode and i just love the easy use of it for
sysadmin tasks.

>  `mc' will let you look inside of and install `.deb' files also.
>  Neato.
That's rather one of the minor features IMHO. Actually MC has become
much more than a visual shell and one can use it for numerous tasks in
a very powerful way.  MC is far better than the original DOS Norton
Commander and above all has become a true Unix program in every sense
of the word with the addition of a very uncommon user friendlyness.

In any case let's better get hamm out first.

                                     Cheers, P. *8^)
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   African Music Archive - Institute for Ethnology and Africa Studies
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