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Re: comp usa rebates?

I bought a lot of things from Comp USA on rebate and they didn't send me
any of them (rebates) until I called them.  They told me "their rebate
department had some problems." Anyway that means they lost most of the
rebates, or at least they lost the ones I sent.  So you gotta call them
and tell them what rebates you sent...They might also ask you for the
copies of receipt...BTW when sending rebates ALWAYS make copies (esp. if
you can get em for free like I can :) of the receipts, or ask the store to
give you a copy or two - will save you a lot of headaches later on.

On Thu, 4 Jun 1998 Kenneth.Scharf@coulter.com wrote:

> >I'm trying to create tar files less than 100Mb to fit on zip disks (by the
> >way, my rebate arrived last week, only a year and a half & a class action
> suit
> >late).
> The above comment reminds me.....
> Has anyone besides me bought some memory from comp-usa within the last 6
> months and is STILL waiting for their rebates?  I bought some 64mb worth or
> dram under several different rebate programs and have still not heard from
> the bastards.  Is there grounds for a class action here?
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