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Re: Intent to fix base-passwd

On Wed, Jun 03, 1998 at 10:18:40AM +0100, James Troup wrote:
> Christian Meder <meder@isr.uni-stuttgart.de> writes:
> > while testing the base packages I hit the critical bugs surrounding
> > the update-passwd binary contained in base-passwd.
> Uh, which critical bugs?  --sanity-check now works as expected, is run
> by default and update-passwd is no longer run automatically, it has to
> be run by the user if it is to be used.

Ok. So 19839, 19946 and the related passwd bug 21275 should be
considered fixed ? 

Great ;-)

Brian, are you listening ?
> > The postinst should be changed to something along the lines:
> > 
> > update-passwd --sanity-check
> > update-passwd -n
> > Ask user if changes are ok.
> > If yes
> > update-passwd 
> No, please don't do this.  Even if you do fix all the known bugs, it's
> _way_ too late in the game to put an automatic call of update-passwd
> back in the postinst.

I agree totally. My only remaining concern is the fact that
update-passwd was intended as helper utility to keep passwd/group
uptodate but it's still somewhat broken. passwd/group are no conffiles
anymore. Everybody who upgrades won't notice that passwd/group have
changed because the usual 'want to keep your version of conffile'-kind
of dialog won't happen anymore. update-passwd isn't run by default,
too. The majority of systems will keep their bo-passwd/group files
because the users aren't notified that passwd/group have changed.

I checked the diff: msql, gnats and amanda will be affected (msql
entry missing, gnats entry wrong and backup entry wrong). 

Suggestions what to do ?


Christian Meder, email: meder@isr.uni-stuttgart.de

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