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Hallo all, 

as a lot of us developers have to deal with copyright problems, I would
like to start this (hopefully) littly project. 

I would like to write a COPYRIGHT HOWTO, which might be send to
authors of software, which a) do not state what copyright is
associated with their software and b) who do not use a free (enough)

What should be in there:

1. A discussion what is necessary to constitute a Copyright and
License for a program (Do you have to state copyright in every file,
is a COPYRIGHT file in the top directory enough, is a Copyright line
in an LSM file enough, etc.).

1a. Why to make the effort. 

2. A brief discussion of what does "free" mean in the software sense.

2a. Why to make it free.

3. A brief discussion of some of the different licenses.

3a. Some of the licenses.
_4._ Big disclaimer, as we are not lawyers. :-)

As I haven´t got enough knowledge to write this whole thing, I would
like to have some input. Any hints and pointers to web sites are
greatly appreciated. Below is a short list of urls attached, where I
found some information about this theme (and still have to read :-( much). 

Feel free to modify the list above.

Maybe you´ve got some other information regarding this, please send
them to grimaldi@debian.org, or Jens.Ritter@weh.rwth-aachen.de (or to
this list)



P.S.: Do we need something like this?


For german readers:

Jens.Ritter@weh.rwth-aachen.de   grimaldi@debian.org
Key ID: 2048/E451C639 Jens Ritter
Key fingerprint: 5F 3D 43 1E 24 1E CC 48  1E 05 93 3A A7 10 73 37 

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