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Re: Differences of Debian vs. the Other Guys

On 03-Jun-1998, Joel Klecker <jk@espy.org> wrote:
> At 23:38 -0700 1998-06-02, Tyson Dowd wrote:
> >Manoj addressed most of the big differences in his mail.  One that he
> >missed (or glossed over) is the difference in generation of packages.
> Another one is that he didn't explain what dpkg-shlibdeps does.
> >dpkg encourages (practically enforces) building a package in a working
> >directory, installing files to a temporary directory, and packaging
> >from that directory.
> >	e.g.	configure --prefix ./debian/tmp
> >		make
> >		make install
> >		package up ./debian/tmp
> >is what the debian/rules file says.
> That isn't the right way to do it, the executables may end up depending on
> being run from the same directory as the one they were built with (in
> practice, it doesn't seem that too many packages are like that, but it's
> good to keep it in mind).

Oops, sorry, you are of course correct.
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