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Re: Differences of Debian vs. the Other Guys

At 23:38 -0700 1998-06-02, Tyson Dowd wrote:
>Manoj addressed most of the big differences in his mail.  One that he
>missed (or glossed over) is the difference in generation of packages.

Another one is that he didn't explain what dpkg-shlibdeps does.

>dpkg encourages (practically enforces) building a package in a working
>directory, installing files to a temporary directory, and packaging
>from that directory.
>	e.g.	configure --prefix ./debian/tmp
>		make
>		make install
>		package up ./debian/tmp
>is what the debian/rules file says.

That isn't the right way to do it, the executables may end up depending on
being run from the same directory as the one they were built with (in
practice, it doesn't seem that too many packages are like that, but it's
good to keep it in mind).

The correct way to do it (for most GNU autoconfized packages) is:

	./configure --prefix=/usr
	make install prefix=`pwd`/debian/tmp/usr

In some cases this may cause a rebuild with the new path configured in, in
which case it is necessary to do a bit more work in the rules. (The
documentation for GNU stow is useful for a few strategies in dealing with
such cases).
Joel "Espy" Klecker
Debian GNU/Linux Developer

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