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Re: On adding size info to Packages files

On Wed, Jun 03, 1998 at 02:25:39AM -0500, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> Hi,
> >>"Michael" == Michael Bramer <michael@grisu.weh.rwth-aachen.de> writes:
>  Michael> I think the right place is in the *.deb-file.  In the
>  Michael> control-file (like the description) or as new file in *.deb.
> 	Why do you think so? You don't give any reasons whatsoever, so
>  this is not a technical statement, but a mere expression of personal
>  preference. 

Oh yes, I see ..

>              I personally think that is a bad idea for the folowing
>  reasons:
>   a) the data is harder to manipulate: as a separate file, dinstall
>      just has to rename the file to a cache area, and use zcat and
>      echo to generate the master sizes.gz file.
>      As a control file, dinstall has to unpack the .deb file and
>      extract the data.

I think this not a point.
dinstall get the size.gz file from the .deb file (ar -x) and put it to the
cache area. I don't see the difference?
(And for old .deb files: dinstall unpack the .deb file in /tmp/../ and make
the size.gz-file)

>   b) The data is only needed on *some* machines, and only at install
>      time. As a separate file, it can be downloaded as needed, or not
>      at all (I have no need to slow down my installs, I know I have
>      plenty of space at the moment).

You use .deb file only at install time. After that you will remove all *.deb
from your hard disk. (If you don't remove the *.deb then you have a very big
disk and the kBytes are not the point..)

>      When it is part of the .deb file, the data is carried around with
>      the package all the time, whether needed or not. This is needless
>      duplication and wastes network bnadwidth too.

All the time. You use .deb only for the install time.? You don't?

>   c) a control file is unpacked and kept in /var/lib/dpkg/info area,
>      which is a waste of space. The data is needed *before
>      installation*, not afterwards.

This is a point. But I say:

Michael> In the control-file (like the description) or as new file in *.deb.
see the 'or'

Then put the du information not in the control file but put it in the .deb
file. Make the du-data in a file (size.gz) and put it in the .deb file like
data.tar.gz, control.tar.gz.

You need the information when you install a package on your debian system.
I think it is a nice to download only one file to install the package. I
get often packages with ftp from a mirror and install the packages with:
dpkg -i *.deb. If the the size information isn't in the debian-package, then i
must download two files (NAME-VERSION.deb and NAME-VERSION.size.gz) or dpkg
has no information of the size and can not make a warning message. :-(

We have seperate package-functions and the interface. This is a very good.
You can install package with:
  dselect (with use dpkg)
  apt (with use also dpkg)
The du-information is a information like name, version, depends etc. 
The right place is the .deb-file. 



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