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Re: On adding size info to Packages files

>>"Michael" == Michael Bramer <michael@grisu.weh.rwth-aachen.de> writes:

 Michael> I think the right place is in the *.deb-file.  In the
 Michael> control-file (like the description) or as new file in *.deb.

	Why do you think so? You don't give any reasons whatsoever, so
 this is not a technical statement, but a mere expression of personal
 preference. I personally think that is a bad idea for the folowing

  a) the data is harder to manipulate: as a separate file, dinstall
     just has to rename the file to a cache area, and use zcat and
     echo to generate the master sizes.gz file.
     As a control file, dinstall has to unpack the .deb file and
     extract the data.

  b) The data is only needed on *some* machines, and only at install
     time. As a separate file, it can be downloaded as needed, or not
     at all (I have no need to slow down my installs, I know I have
     plenty of space at the moment).

     When it is part of the .deb file, the data is carried around with
     the package all the time, whether needed or not. This is needless
     duplication and wastes network bnadwidth too.

  c) a control file is unpacked and kept in /var/lib/dpkg/info area,
     which is a waste of space. The data is needed *before
     installation*, not afterwards.

	From the KISS principle, a separate file makes more sense than
 embedding the data in the .deb file, (making it harder to access
 it). Also, a separate file can initially be tested without changing
 *any* dpkg tool (Guy just modifies his script)


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