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Re: Packages Removed from Hamm (!)

Martin Schulze <joey@kuolema.Infodrom.North.DE> writes:

> On Mon, Jun 01, 1998 at 02:57:26PM -0400, Brian White wrote:
> > I can understand this.  Perhaps somebody should post a "wishlist" against
> > the bug tracking system to include submitters on the change result.

Actually, I don't think the submitter gets any information about the bug
except for when it's closed or the mainter includes the submitter explicitly
on his messages.

I've been annoyed a couple times that I had to keep checking the web page to
see follow the course of a bug I had submitted. I would very much like to see
the submitter included on all updates. 

There should be a way for the submitter to remove himself from the Cc list
though and ideally a pseudo-header to include in the original message to
indicate whether the submitter wants updates. It's starting to sound more
complicated now though.


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