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Re: Linuxconf

On Mon, 1 Jun 1998, Raul Miller wrote:

> > > The proper solution would be to fix the parser.
> >
> > unfortunately, this means placing arbitrary restrictions on the
> > config files....anything which hasn't been programmed into the
> > parser can not be handled by it, and will get blown away by the
> > pretty GUI config tool next time it is run.
> So support the full grammar of the file.

debian currently has 1956 packages. most of them require a config file.
do you think having that many individual parsers is viable?

> > an easy to use configuration thingy is necessary and a Good Thing,
> > but not at the price of losing the ability to hand-edit whatever you
> > like in the text files.
> Are you saying that you've used linuxconf and this is a real problem?

it was a problem when i last looked closely at linuxconf. that was a
year ago, so it may have (and probably has) improved a lot since then.

however, it's a problem which is inherent to non-templated configuration
tools. linuxconf hasn't changed the way it operates, so at best it will
have made the parsers a bit smarter but not eliminated the problem

this issue was discussed at length last year in the debian-admintool
list. check the archives from May '97.


craig sanders

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