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Re: Linuxconf

--On Sun, May 31, 1998 12:00 am -0300 "Steve Kostecke" <steve@kostecke.net>

> In article <[🔎] 320938.3105550397@jmlb2.trin.cam.ac.uk>,
> 	jmlb2@hermes.cam.ac.uk (Jules Bean) writes:
>> If we were to move to a database-based configuration set-up (which is
>> probably a Good Thing), then we could easily make it backward compatible
>> creating an etcfs filesystem, mounted as /psuedoetc or some such,
>> (conceptually a bit like /proc) which has drivers which make it appear to
>> contain config files of the format programs expect to read - except that
>> they are dynamically generated from the underlying database, and don't
>> really exist.
> Thats fine. At least until the day I have to boot my system from a rescue
> disk and then mount my root partition to fix a config problem. How am I
> supposed to edit one of these non-existent /pseudoetc files on my root
> partition? 

Well, the system I'm imagining would almost certainly have to run from the
root partition - it might well even have to be kernel resident.  So it would
still be there.

There could be a case for listing a set of system-essential files which are
always kept as text in a real /etc.  But plenty of config files are *not*
potentially fatal - httpd.conf, sendmail.cf, exim.conf..

>> Potential advantages of this system are the ability to have linked tables
>> the database, so that you only have to update one item, your FQDN, and
>> can expect your exim.conf, your apache/httpd.conf and your hosts file all
>> stay in sync.
> Another potential advantage to "such a 'registry' system" could be the
> occasional "Windows-like" registry corruption.

True.  And we should be cautious about such a system.  But just because
someone else has done an idea badly, it doesn't mean it isn't a good idea.

Back-ending onto some RDBMS makes it *much* simpler to move defaults between
machines - which is a priority for a certain kind of user...

Mind you, it looks like we're going the linuxconf route, so I'm just keeping
this thread alive out of interest.


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