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Re: Linuxconf

Jules Bean <jmlb2@hermes.cam.ac.uk> wrote:
> Back-ending onto some RDBMS makes it *much* simpler to move defaults between
> machines - which is a priority for a certain kind of user...

Back-ending onto some RDBMS adds a lot of powerful features, but the
resulting complexity isn't what I'd classify as simpler -- at least not
in the administrative sense.

Also, a properly designed RDBMS requires a lot of careful thought
(exactly the right thing if we want several more years before our next
release), whereas an improperly designed RDBMS is as painful to use as
a non-RDBMS system, with all the extra complexities of managing the

Finally, before we even think about integrating an RDBMS into debian's
core, we'd need to tackle the same issues Microsoft tackled when they
"invented" ODBC from (invented is in quotes, because I'm told that they
took the work of the X/Open and SQL Access group, made minor technical
changes -- maybe to avoid copyright issues -- changed the name, and
then claimed it was an industry standard [it would be real cool if we
could somehow support both the original spec and microsoft's bastardized
version -- but that sounds like something for the gnusql folks, not for


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