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On Sat, May 30, 1998 at 04:00:29AM +0200, Michael Dietrich wrote:
> i'm ne wto this list, so i have some (maybe stupid) questions:
> how far is this alpha-debian? how can i help? can i use it in a system
> (i have rh right now & that's really buggy)? who is working on that?

You should ask this on debian-alpha, you'll get all the alpha
people.  As far as I can see from the uploads made, the alpha
port is usable.  I have to admit that I don't know the state of
install disks or so.  This could mean that installing it is fiddling.

> why all this religious discussion rh better than debian or not? there

It's a forever lasting competition one should avoid whenever possible.

> why doesn't your majordomo fill the reply-to: field in the header - would
> be easier to answer.

a) because our majordomo is a smartlist

b) because the listmasters consider this as mis-feature.  The reply-to
   field should only be set by the user sending the mail.  With one
   exception - debian-security-announce uses a special setup.

> i would like to introduce a new debian package for heavy duty harddisk
> check.  this is also new to the linux-community is that OK (i just
> developed it and there is till now no public release for it)? where do
> i have to put it?

If you want to put it into Debian right away there are two chances:

a) Get a maintainer who will maintain your package or

b) Apply as new maintainer.  You'll find most of the information on
   http://www.de.debian.org/ under the developers corner or via
   mail to new-maintainer@debian.org.



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