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i'm ne wto this list, so i have some (maybe stupid) questions:

how far is this alpha-debian? how can i help? can i use it in a system
(i have rh right now & that's really buggy)? who is working on that?

why all this religious discussion rh better than debian or not? there
is one simple argument for debian that will always beat rh and any
others: debian is gnu and that fits better with linux than any other
commercial distribution. and in fact debian ist much more up-to-date
and fits better together than any other distribution i ever seen (the
only thing missing is a better dselect/dconfig). please stop
discussion on that. 

why doesn't your majordomo fill the reply-to: field in the header - would
be easier to answer.

i would like to introduce a new debian package for heavy duty harddisk
check.  this is also new to the linux-community is that OK (i just
developed it and there is till now no public release for it)? where do
i have to put it?

best regards,
see header

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