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Re: Linuxconf

I'll be back in the US, June 10, in the morning EST.  It will probably take
a few days for me to get a debian system running again, but I should
definitly have one at work on Monday June 15, and I now have access to a
couple of very nice computers at home to play with (a p2-333, and a p-200,
each with around 128Meg of ram and multiple gigs of space).  

Getting linuxconf packaged shouldn't be too difficult, the question is, do
we want to standardise on it.  To do so now, will not be too difficult as
all we will have to do is beef up out SysV scripts a little.  This will also
allow for a user not to have to install linuxconf, because the SysV scripts
will run normally without linuxconf as well.

The last time I e-mailed the author (about a week ago), I was trying to
peruade him to modularize all the "admin" parts of linuxconf, so we would
essentially have a linuxconf-base, and we could have seperate packages for
things like linuxconf-sendmail, linuxconf-dns, linuxconf-samba.....  This
should also allow us to have a plain db tool that we could standardize on as
well, as I believe linuxconf includes db functions on writing to a text
database (it uses /etc/linuxconf.conf to store data that doesn't have a
regular position, and that data is modifiable and retrievable from the
command line.


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