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Re: Hamm CD's

On 26-May-98 Dale Scheetz wrote:
> On Tue, 26 May 1998, Brandon Mitchell wrote:
>> What happens if I try to install something that is in extra that depends
>> on something from standard and I didn't bother to install it?  
> Why would you not want to install a standard package? ;-)
> The reason I propose this reorganization has more to do with isolating the
> "standard" system from the "rest". This would aid others trying to base a
> commercial system on Debian because it would isolate the "fundamental
> needs" of a system from the "application specific" portions.
>>                                                                 The only
>> way around this (that I see) is for apt (and other methods) to have a way
>> to prompt the user to change cd's but order package installs to minimize
>> swaping (with your method, it becomes a signle straight through pass, I
>> like that).  It needs to update itself with a multi-cd package file, or do
>> a pass through all the cd's.
> I agree.
> What about a "master" Packages file on the first CD which identifies the
> volume that the package resides on. Then dselect and apt could do their
> selection at the first CD, knowing that when another CD was required to
> prompt the installer to switch.
> For smooth operation this would still require that the packages on each CD
> be organized in a dependency hierarchical fashion for minimal swapping.
> You are right though, it will take some work on the part of dselect and
> apt to deal with multi-volume archives, but, what the heck, if tar can
> deal with it...

So if I understand this correctly, then...

If we provided a master packages file on the first cdrom then dselect could
ensure that dependencies are satisfied during selection. As packages were
installed from each cdrom in order there cannot be any unsatisfied
dependencies requiring an earlier cdrom to be reinserted, because dselect
has already checked dependencies from the master package file.



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