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Re: Official Debian 2.0 CD master images

On Wed, 27 May 1998, Philip Hands wrote:

> > best : if there is a enought space on master, or some other machine i would
> > prefer to create them via remote access. i only have 4 gb free space here -
> > enought for a debian i386/all mirror and 3 cd images.

Master has 1.1 G free on the /debian3 drive that can be used for CD
building/images (this is seperate from the archive disk) and 1.5G on the
archive disk that can be used to set things up. If you want some space on
it for this I can arrange it. If you do try, please don't duplicate the
archive, try to use symlinks if at all possible.. (With tom's new patch
this should be quite doable and very usefull)


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