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Re: chown(2) vs lchown(2) and application breakage

>A bunch of us looked at this very carefully and decided that posix was
>pretty ambiguous. I personally feel that the LACK of lchown in posix means
>that chown has to operate on the link and not what is pointed to. If that
>were not true then all links would be owned by root on a posix system. Of
>course, any system that has lchown does this backwards (BSD) :> The best
>would have been if lchown ment operate on the link and chown ment operate
>on the file.. but it doesn't..

IIRC, POSIX does not require the existance of symbolic links. The BSD
folks appear to have had a similar problem (chown() suddenly started
follwing symlinks that is. See
http://www.sigmasoft.com/~openbsd/tech/msg00935.html). I also have
fuzzy memories of posixly systems where you couldn't change owners of
symlinks. (I may recall incorrectly though.)


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