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Re: Drop DFSG in favour of OSD?

Will Lowe <harpo@udel.edu> wrote:
> 	Maybe we need a "Debian,  as the originator of the Debian Free
> Software Guidelines (the predecessor of the Open Source Guidelines),  is
> 100% Open Source." or something -- something that :
> 1) assures the world we're Open Source -- we are,  after all.
> 2) reminds the world VERY GENTLY that the whole "open source" bit was ours
> first anyway (really,  it was RMS's,  but that's an argument we won't
> have now...)

Actually, it probably would be appropriate to have a document which
discusses some of the more prominent hstory (and successes) behind
"open source". I think Debian, Cygnus, GNU, the FSF and rms all deserve
explicit mention (chronological order is roughly the revers of what I've


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