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Re: New APT version

drow <drow@mars.abcinternet.net> wrote:
> Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there a problem with looking for
> /dev/*?  What about nfs mount points?

Yeah, /etc/mtab should be checked.

There's also a problem with whatever holds /var/lib/dpkg/ -- this
can fill up faster than indicated by package sizes.  

More generally, the package directory sizes are important for estimating
requirements, but can't be definitive on space actually used -- there's
something wrong if dpkg continues installing to a full partition.  Note
that to properly etimate requirements we'll also need to track current
use (which if it's stored sensibly must occasionally be re-computed,
for example after an admin moves a directory to another partition and
leaves a symlink in its place).

Finally, if download time turns out to be a real issue, we can always
optimize (for example, by providing a cgi that can convert a small
list of packages a list of directories with appropriate sizes, then
freeze the interface and teach apt how to recognize a slow connection
and try to use this for those circumstances).


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