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Re: New APT version

>>"Jason" == Jason Gunthorpe <jgg@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca> writes:

 Jason> APT check that there is enough space to download the archive
 Jason> files and presents you with a value that indicates how much
 Jason> more space you will need. Unfortunately since systems can have
 Jason> strange ways of mounting things I can't actually check that
 Jason> value, it is up to you to be sure that you have xxx meg free
 Jason> on the relevent partitions - but it does say before hand how
 Jason> much is needed.

	Well, there are ways to get around that. Look at the checkdu
 script I mailed -- It looks at df output, looking for /dev/* and does
 a stat on hte mount points, getting a device_no (man 2 stat).

	Then it looks at the du -S output for the package, and assign
 each dir to the correct device_no -- VOILA, no matter how you have
 partitioned stuff, checkdu can tell exactly how much space is needed
 on each partion. 

	I can even make checkdu warn if there is not enough space; all
 that is needed for this functionality is that the package maintainer
 provide the du -S data.

	I think this is important enough to warrant that the data be
 collected; we can easily write dh_sizeinfo or whatever to create the
 properly formatted du -S file; I shall undertake to write the
 checking method for apt (written using just the essential perl-base

	Is this important to people? I can have the method for apt by
 the weekend. APT itself would need to be modified to call this
 method; but that should be easy.

 who personally thinks this should be done
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