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Re: Debian from the Stampede's POV

"Steve Lamb" <morpheus@calweb.com> writes:
>     Here is why a lot of people are looking at SLP and liking it.
> tar xzf blah.slp
>     There ya go, that's it, end of story.  No cpio, no ar, nothing but tar
> which has been the standard for years and years, esp. in the Linux community
> as a whole.  SLP is an extention of that standard.  Since it is compatible
> with it one can, theoretically, replace TGZ with SLP.  The same cannot be
> said about deb and rpm.

So how does their package management work then? I don't understand
what the disadvantage to .deb is besides that it is a new file format,
especially since there are such nice tools (dpkg) with which to
manipulate it.


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