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Re: Drop DFSG in favour of OSD?

> Wouldn't it make more sense if we no longer refer to our licensing
> guidelines as the Debian Free Software Guidelines (DFSG), and instead
> choose to call them the "Open Source Definition" (OSD)?  They are the
> same thing - and it would be a bit less confusing if there was only
> one name.
> All we have to do in order to kill off the use of the term "DFSG" is
> to change the web pages and all references from DFSG -> OSD, and tell
> people to use the OSD term instead.


DFSG is not just a definition of a free software, it is also a criteria 
for separating the packages in several *Debian* release trees.
I don't think we should depend on any external document while deciding what
goes where.

Alex Y.

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