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Re: New priority?

On Tue, May 19, 1998 at 09:20:56PM -0400, James R. Van Zandt wrote:
> >Actually, if we're opting for a more 'descriptive' hierarchy, I see no
> >reason why something shouldn't appear in two places, if it seems
> >appropriate in two places.
> Reviewing all the packages with dselect already takes over an hour.
> If this change would mean I would see some packages several times, and
> make the review even longer.  Please don't!

By the time this would be implemented, you'd never wanna dpkg -BORGiE
anyway, you'd just use apt which is smarter and doesn't do this.  If you use
dselect you and install apt and use it as an access method already.  Try it,
it's pretty cool.

> >> This would be hard to do I think.
> The latest version of the boot disks has this option.  However, there
> are only the two profiles I contributed (based on package priorities:
> Basic and Standard).  Others would be appreciated.  For example,
> there's nothing with X windows.  (I suppose it would have to assume
> the vga server.)

If I can find interested parties to help with a project of the type (I think
it might be wise to talk with some people over at Redhat too) it might be
possible to make a more modern X configuration program that could run
durring the install and would not HAVE to assume VGA server.  The idea would
be something like XF86Setup in slang to start out at least.

What I'd like to see is the ability for this thing to have in its config
file (which a Linux dist would customize to their system naturally) the
ability to spawn something to make sure the needed X server was installed. 
I don't know how that would work with say rpm, but for the combination of
apt and dpkg I could write the script in seconds.  Idea is simple:  We're
told what X server we need.  Is it installed?  If yes, we're done.  If no,
have apt go get it.  If apt got/installed it okay, we're done.  If not, exit
with a "not found" return code.

Of course, this might all be not needed in 6 months with GGI and all. 
Still, at the moment it'd be pretty handy for all dists..

> The bootfloppies will also handle "extension packs".  You woul would
> set up the profile in the same way, but the packages in the "base
> pack" would have to be manually deleted.
> When you're done, mail your selections file (like "Networking" here)
> to: Enrique Zanardi <sr1-boot-floppies@debian.org>

So the boot floppies scripts ALREADY SUPPORT what I'm talking about,
essentially a menu with sets of canned defaults to install with the ability
to make your own sets of defaults?  Cool.  Um, can you enter a path to a
profile at the moment?

This could be workable.  =>

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