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Re: New APT version

Will Lowe <harpo@udel.edu> writes:
> Maybe I'm the only one with this problem,  but apt-get doesn't seem to
> check for available space on the filesystems it's going to install stuff
> on.  I've several times had dselect hang on me because it runs out of
> space whilst unpacking files.

     This isn't unique to apt.  The standard dselect/ftp method will
do this also.  During the bo testing last year, I tried an install on a
100 mb partition, and it soon filled up.  Unfortunately, it _didn't_
hang.  It just kept trying and failing to write to status files.  When
it finally finished it had corrupted the /var/lib/dpkg database beyond
repair.  I don't know if dselect has modified this behavior since
then, but I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere.

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