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Re: magicfilter and /etc

>Well, just to put some more confusion into this
>discussion: I think that these magicfilter scripts (and
>most of their source code) should be considered sample
>material and go to /usr/doc.

this is ok. the mageicfilter config script should copy the file to /etc/
somewhere. if it only symlinks, the source had to be in /usr/lib.

>filters. These filters clearly are a _script_ in the
>"language" magicfilter, and should IMHO go to some place
>under /usr/local.

no,no,no.  the files are executable config files like /etc/X11/Xsession, and
should be in /etc somewhere./usr/local should not be used at all (on all my
machines, its empty (i would remove it, if i could, but some debian packages
depend on it :-((()


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