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Re: intent to package Netscape Communicator

Brian, you probably already solved this.... if not...

Brian White <bcwhite@verisim.com> writes:
> > >> Another thing to note...  Dpkg won't let you build part of a package or
> > >> assign different version numbers to different .deb files created from
> > >> the same source.  (At least, I've never been able to get it to do so.)
> > 
> > You certainly can do that, check out bash/libreadline for instance.
> Hmmm...  Okay.  When netscape and netscape-beta were different packages,
> I couldn't build only was as long as both descriptions were in the control
> file.
> I thought I'd also tried at one point to build different .debs with
> different versions numbers, but perhaps I just wasn't doing things
> correctly.

Probably not.  Another good example may be jade, where I build
packages with different versions out of one source tree, since jade
1.1 ships with sp 1.3 source as well (and that's how I make the sp
package).  So I conjoin the sp major version with the jade source
version and debian version:

Brian, here's a snippet from jade/debian/rules:

SRC_VERSION	:= $(shell head -1 debian/changelog | cut '-d ' -f 2 | sed 's/[()]//g')
SP_VERSION	:= $(shell cat VERSION)

binary-arch:	checkroot build
	# put it all together
	  dpkg-shlibdeps -pshlibs-sp -Ldebian/shlibs.sp_override $(bindir-sp)/*
	  dpkg-shlibdeps -pshlibs-jade $(bindir-jade)/*
	# make control file, derive sp and sp-dev versions
	dpkg-gencontrol -isp -p$(pkg-sp) -P$(prefix-sp) -v$(SP_VERSION)-$(SRC_VERSION)
	dpkg-gencontrol -isp -p$(pkg-sp-dev) -P$(prefix-sp-dev) -v$(SP_VERSION)-$(SRC_VERSION)
	dpkg-gencontrol -isp -p$(pkg-jade) -P$(prefix-jade)
	chown -R root.root $(prefix-sp) $(prefix-sp-dev) $(prefix-jade)
	chmod -R go=rX $(prefix-sp) $(prefix-sp-dev) $(prefix-jade)
	dpkg --build $(prefix-sp) ..
	dpkg --build $(prefix-sp-dev) ..
	dpkg --build $(prefix-jade) ..
	touch binary-arch

Aren't I the clever one?  ;)

.....A. P. Harris...apharris@onShore.com...<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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