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Re: Yet another Linux distribution! :-)

Jim Pick <jim@jimpick.com> writes:

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> Hi all,
> I read with interest Bruce's post that he wants to work on another
> Linux distribution.  :-)
> As long as we are talking "pie in the sky" stuff, I thought I'd let
> loose with the news that I am also developing an alternative Linux
> distribution.  I've sort of hinted about it on several of my webpages
> anyways.  I've had this idea for two years (at least), but it's just
> lately that I have actually started to work on it.
> Here are my plans:
>  - mid/late-1999 for first release (codename: Skaha)  - I'm not rushing
>    things.  :-)

Good luck.


>  - sysadmin (and users) can use apt to install additional packages from
>    Debian distribution.

I like that idea. Who do you want ot realise it? What about
conflicting packages? I want sendmail, but user foo wants smail?
Can I deinstall someones elses packages?

>  - initial distribution will be i386 GNU/Linux, localized for Canada
>    and the USA.  Beyond that, I may attempt a Cygnus GNU/Win32 hosted
>    distribution, and maybe ever a GNU Hurd based one.

Localized for canada and the USA? What do zou mean with that?
Timezones? What about multilanguage support? Best to plan it in now.

> I'd like to see more people announce that they want to develop their
> own "subset" Linux distributions based on Debian.  I'd be willing to
> collaborate on tools to make this easier.

I would like to see a "Source only" Distribution, which compiles
everything before installing.

May the Source be with you.

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