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Re: Improvement ;)

vaidhy@wwdg.com writes:

> A couple of thing I noticed in debian that can be improved (for an
> average user)

I'm packaging the Dragon Tools (from Eagle Linux m68k) at the
moment. The Tools are (lx)dialog / bash based scripts. One can eigther 
call dragon and navigate through the menu, or call dragon_xxx

I will make the Dragon Tools awaylable at


Its currently only a .tar.gz, but I'm working on a deb.

> 1. Add lines in \etc\fstab automatically or with a menu to mount
> other partitions.

dragon_disk can partition, prepare and activate swap and prepare and
mount linux partitions.

> 2. Make sure that the color monitors are supported automatically
> from the installation screen itself.

By default Dragon comes up in BW and with german language. It can then 
be configured to color and english (or other languages). Currently it
knows about linux, linux-m, xterm and rxvt consoles.

> 3. Ease of configuration by which I mean that the number of
> questions asked to a user should be minimal. Advanced users can
> always tweak the files themselves.

> 4. Unix man pages are written for people who know Unix. Give a
> smaller manual that will help people to get started for most of the
> basic tasks.( I am not talking about creating or deleting
> directories. I am talking about compiling programs in C or
> C++. Ideally, Each package should have a two page document that
> starts the user off on various commands and what it does. For eg: cc
> could come with cc <pgmname> - to compile a C program. Most of the
> folks I know have Linux as their second OS for learning and
> delevoping, not for financial accounting)

I'm thinking of writing dragon_source or dragon_build (or some other
name) to build (download, unpack, patch, compile, build) Debian

> I think Debian has got a lot of visibility right now. It has come
> from a OS for hackers to a Linux distribution to be considered
> seriously.

> Developers who think that is right direction need to change their
> point of view too.

> We don't have to compromise the technical superiority, but we sure
> can make it pretty.

Thats why Debian was choosen as the base for Eagle Linux m68k. And
thats what we tried to do with Eagle Linux m68k.

> Appericate your comments,
> Vaidhy

May the Source be with you.

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