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Re: The latest XFree86 (3.3.2-4)

I compiled and installed the XFree 3.3.2-4 and found some stones in my 

1. The Xresource was changed, so that Xterms have a black background.
   Why didn't I get asked befor replacing the file? I get asked for
   all other config files, just XFree doesn't ask.

2. XFree needs misc/joystik to compile and thus should recommend,
   suggest, depend on misc/joystik, because without it the joystik
   wont work.

3. XFree does a make -k, so it compiled for 18 hours instead of
   stopping with an error after several minutes. It makes it hard to
   find errors.

4. XFree Server XXX should sugget/recommend the XF86Setup (its in
   XF86vga I think) programm.

5. A XF86Config for m68k (Framebuffer Device) isn't provided any
   longer. Its been in previous bin packages (might not have been in
   the source, but from the person building it).

May the Source be with you.

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