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Re: ftp client for the base system

gsstark@mit.edu (Gregory S. Stark) writes:

> Am I the only one who has repeatedly been confused and annoyed by having to
> track down which of netstd, netbase, netstd_misc, et. al. is needed whenever i
> want to enable or disable a daemon or adjust the parameters?

Yes, you must be. I've never heard of a netstd_misc package, I only know
of two packages, netbase and netstd.

> And I'm sure this is not the only machine that's somewhat short on disk space
> and could do without the 3.6M of daemons I never use.

I've no idea how you calculate that 3.6Mb figure. netbase reports an
installed size of 643kb, netstd reports 1300kb. That looks just under
2Mb to me, which isn't bad considering the functionality. If you're looking
to save space, you should remove perl and stick with perl-base, for a


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