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Does the kernel source package in hamm (kernel-source-2.0.33 2.0.33-7.deb)
include the patch for
fat32?  I am getting patch failures (.rej's) trying to apply this patch to
earlier sources from bo, so I used a generic
2.0.33 kernel source from sunsite archive.  I will upgrade to hamm when it
is ready to be CD'ed.
Trying to upgrade via FTP to hamm would be too painfull at 28.8KB!

I have been following this list for about a month and a half now.  Wondered
why Debian 2.0 was taking so long but from reading this list I can see that
you guys are up to your a**es in alligators! (as we say in FL).

My plans call for a small network between 2 or 3 computers at home (1
linux, 1or 2 win 95), with the linux system a file / print server
performing backups
to 4mm tape over the ethernet.   Also will put the internet connection on
the linux system (cable system plans to offer cable modem wide bandwidth
service in a year or so).  The linux box will also do AX.25 and other ham
station chores  I will need to write or port some software which I will
then make
available to other linux users, as .debs (and .rpm's (:->)).

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