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FW: Yet another Linux distribution! :-)

I have tossed around the idea of a ham specific configuration that
would fit on a zip disk.  Not the fastest way to run the system,
but you could set up a swap and var/temp area on a small local
hard drive, use a ramdisk and have an easy way to upgrade the node.

I haven't thought about what software should be in it.  I can see
2 configurations, a node/bbs and an end user.

I use the term configuration because that is exactly what it would
be in my case.  In my mind if the system uses the Debian packages
and upgrade/configuration tools then it is a Debian distribution
configured for the task.

-----Original Message-----

> I also will plug again for an Amateur Radio specific distribution. (IE:
> AX2.5, RTTY, SSTV, log, contest, CAD S/W etc).  And yes when I come up to
> speed on my own debian system (I'm going to install GTK / GHOME / GIMP and
> see about porting my MFC knowledge to X) I'll try to write some of this
> stuff.

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